Silicone and rubber seals

A lot of vans have silicone bonded windows, hatches, vents and outlets, and anyone who has done remote travel can attest to how much dirt, dust, and grime ends up stuck on these surfaces and how difficult it can be to remove!

While the snow foam is still sitting on the surface, grab your choice of detailing brush (we have gone for the Little Chubby and Big Boy Brett here) and gently scrub around the silicone to loosen the dirt. The Big Black One can be handy for reaching up to the higher sections of the van without grabbing the ladder. You can also scrub around the tow bar and other intricate areas where dirt tends to build up. Make sure to rinse out your brushes when they get dirty in your Wheels bucket, or with the hose. 

Don't let the foam dry! Thoroughly rinse down the van, again being careful not to spray water directly into any vents, and then move onto the next section of the van. Breaking this up into sections avoids the dirt drying back onto the paint.

If you require a bit more cleaning power to clean the grime out, you can use either Orange Agent or Sublime Clean sprayed into the bristles of your chosen brush, then given a thorough scrub and immediate rinse down. Never spray Orange Agent directly onto any surface that is hot or in direct sunlight, wet the area down first, and spray it into your brush to avoid it drying too quickly and leaving residue.