Snow foaming

Moving onto our snow foam pre-wash, which removes the bulk of the dirt from the van before moving onto your hand wash. This dramatically cuts down the risk of inflicting scratches or swirls into the paintwork, and it's also bloody fun.

For this van, we chose to use Mega Snow Job as it has just come back from a trip through the outback and was covered in red dust and mud. For regular day to day cleaning, Snow Job is pH neutral and has more than enough cleaning power.

Start by filling your Snow Blow Cannon bottle with 900mL of water, and add 100mL of your chosen snow foam. Give it a good shake, adjust the cannon fan and adjustment knob to suit, and begin foaming one side of the caravan at a time. Start at the bottom, and use sweeping overlapping passes to methodically cover the van with foam. Do not spray foam (or water) directly into any vents, grilles, or openings to avoid causing damage.

Mega Snow Job is also excellent for breaking down salt, so we like to use it for grime cleaning the underside of the caravan as well.

For the roof, you may need to stand on a ladder to reach. The fan adjustment on the cannon can be changed to help reach further than it normally would using a narrower fan, so keep that in mind when you are foaming the roof.

TIP: If you don't have frontal stabilizer legs, lower the jockey wheel so that the roof is tipped at an angle, which helps the water flow off properly when rinsing.

For a detailed how-to guide on using the Snow Blow Cannon and Snow Job, see the guide below -