If the front of the van has a splattering of bugs, now is the time to deal with it. Grab your Bugger Off and Debugger cloth (dipped in your Wash Bucket), wet the area and then liberally spray half of the front of the van and allow it to dwell for no longer than a minute. The Bugger Off contains powerful cleaners that break down the enzymes which make bugs so difficult to remove. Don't let it dry, slowly and gently in one direction wipe over the section, flipping and turning to a fresh side of the cloth often. Repeat as necessary until all the bugs are gone. Thoroughly rinse down the area afterwards.

If you have any staining from the bugs etching into the paint, Paint Cleanse & Restore might help if the damage isn't too severe. Please note, Paint Cleanse & Restore is not suitable for matte or satin finishes.