Pressure Washer/Water Source

  1. Your pressure washer needs to have good PSI and water flow. We recommend having a machine with over 1800 PSI, and a good water flow rate over 7L/min, to produce nice thick foam. Adding some extra Snow Job foam to the cannon (between 20ml-50ml) can also help make up for lack of pressure/flow rate on smaller machines. We have this guide to help choosing a pressure washer by clicking here.
  2. Good water quality. If you're using harder bore or dam water, this will negatively affect the foaming ability of our Snow Job foamAlways use good quality water. You may also benefit from a filtration system, to prevent any debris from entering your pressure washer.
  3. Low water pressure from the tap. If the tap doesn't have enough pressure, you can starve the pressure washer of water causing it to perform poorly. This can happen when hooking up to water tanks without a separate pump, or even bad water flow from the mains source.
  4. Kinked/damaged hose. If your hose has any kinks, splits or holes, this will affect the water flow to the pressure washer, which can cause poor performance. Always use a good quality hosepipe and fittings.