Flow Chart

We currently have two different systems to suit the varying paint types, colours, and preferences out there. Our Flow Chart gives a quick overview of the different options you have for protecting your paint.

Option 1 - Super Hydrophobics - these products are the most protective and longest lasting in our range. They are great for modern, daily driven cars, and if you really love intense beading and water sheeting. Bead Machine will work best on newer clear coated paint and professionally ceramic coated cars, as they are better sealed and allow for a greater, stronger bond to the paint or coating. The better the condition of the paint, the better they will work.

Option 2 - Waxes and Sealants - these products are for those of us with cars that have older, slightly neglected paints, or have a single stage (no clear coat) paints. They work well on all paint types and are great value all rounders. We love waxes as they give a lovely warm glow to your paint, something no synthetic products can replicate. With Fully Slick as the final sealant, you also get the slickest feel from your paint - something car enthusiasts have always loved! I also personally feel these are the best option for people who have a more pampered or classic car that only comes out of a weekend or a few times a year.

Our full article on the flow chart will help you decide which option to take.