If the dash is shiny, has any grime build up, if you've been using other products on it previously, or you're using Vinyl Care for the first time on a car that's new to you, our first step is to deep clean it with our Orange Agent citrus based all purpose cleaner.

To apply, spray Orange Agent to lightly dampen one side of the Square Bear microfibre applicator pad. Work in small sections at a time, applying in a circular motion to the surface, working it in reasonably well. Now this is the important bit; wipe off the Orange Agent with a folded, clean, low pile microfibre cloth like our Plush Daddy or Dirty Deeds while it's still wet. 

Continue doing this system of cleaning, till the entire area is done.

Orange Agent leaves a dry and pretty stark finish, so you'll now need to finish it off with the Vinyl Care. Get the Vinyl Care and mist about 4 sprays into a fresh and clean Square Bear applicator. You use an applicator to ensure good coverage, as well as for making a lot less work wiping away over-spray if you spray it directly onto the surface.

Use a clean and dry, folded low pile cloth like the Plush Daddy or Dirty Deeds cloth to buff off. 

Now that your entire interior has been deep cleaned, protected and is looking great, our Far Cough antibacterial spray is ideal to use on all interior and exterior surfaces for the home or car as it it will inhibit further bacteria growth on any hard, non-porous surfaces.

Grab the Far Cough and spray a few sprays into a clean and dry Dirty Deeds cloth, then wipe over all of the surfaces in your car you want to protect. No need to over saturate, just a nice, even coat. Allow this to sit on the surfaces for 10 minutes while it works away, then come back and wipe over all of the surfaces once more with the damp cloth, then finish up with a final wipe with a clean and dry Dirty Deeds cloth.

Our full interior deep cleaning guide can be found here:


Place your used cloths into the Microfibre bucket ready to be washed.