Metal Polishing

The first step with metal polishing, is to make sure that the metal surface you are using is suitable for this polish. Don't use Metal Polish on lacquered metals, fine silver, zinc plating or anodised aluminium as it will remove these coatings from the metal. We find with chrome, you just need to wipe it on and then wipe it off. There is usually no need to buff it in like you do with alloy, stainless and magnesium metals. Less is best - don't use too much product or it won't work as well.  For the best results, you have to make sure the metal surface is clean and dry. Shake the bottle well, apply a small, pea sized dollop to one of our Dirty Deeds microfibre cloths. 

Do small sections at a time, wiping the polish all over the surface. Then buff into the metal until the cloth feels smooth to run back and forth over the surface. We find it's usually about 10 to 20 seconds for lightly tarnished, dull metals. You will hear the polish working away on the tarnished surface as you rub it in. When it stops making that noise, the abrasives have broken down and the area should now be nicely polished. For really badly affected surfaces, repeat the process to get a better effect (if needed) as opposed to slathering on too much product all at once. If you have really soft and flat faced aluminium, apply in one direction, in a gentle side to side motion to avoid leaving light polishing marks in the material. 

If you're only polishing a small area, turn the Dirty Deeds cloth over to a clean side and buff the black residue from the metal to reveal a stunningly shiny surface. If it's a larger area, use two Dirty Deeds cloths, one for polishing and the other for the final buff off. If you have some black residue left in hard to reach spots, be aware you can wash this away with water if it suits you. Just apply water and wipe it away with a wet cloth. You will now have that beautiful Bowden's Own shine. So smile at yourself in the reflection! 

For an easy clean up afterwards, we have made the new Tru Blu formula so it washes off your hands with just water. Feel free to use a gentle soap as well if you really want.

The Dirty Deeds microfibre cloths will need to be pre-soaked in a bucket with warm water and 50mL of our Microfibre Wash. Give them some agitation and then rinse in fresh water before machine washing them. Make sure to wash them separately from everything else, as the black residue from the polish will leach into the other cloths they are washed with!

See our full Metal Polish guide here: