Option 1 - Super Hydrophobics

Bead Machine is a super hydrophobic paint sealant. It's applied after your car has been washed and dried, and works best on modern paint that's in good condition.

First, prep the surface using our Flash Prep spray to remove any silicones, oils, or residues that could prevent it from bonding properly. 

Working on one section at a time, spray Flash Prep liberally, directly onto the surface, then immediately wipe it into the surface with a folded Big Softie cloth. Once it's been wiped in enough to remove remaining oil residue, use a separate dry and clean Big Softie cloth to remove any remaining trailing residue.

For Bead Machine, spray 4-6 sprays into the low pile side of a folded Big Softie cloth and apply in a north-south, east-west motion on one section of the car (e.g. a quarter of a bonnet, one guard), then immediately buff off with a second dry Big Softie. Add two more sprays to the wet side of your first cloth for the next section, and continue around the car till done.

If you get any streaking, or find Bead Machine difficult to remove, use a slightly damp microfibre cloth to even out those high spots. This will not affect the protection Bead Machine provides to the paint.

See our full Bead Machine guide here for all the tips and tricks:

Place your used cloths into the Microfibre bucket ready to be washed.