We like to start with either a pre-wash using our Snow Job or Mega Snow Job, or give the car a really thorough rinse down with the pressure washer to remove the heavier contaminants which could potentially scratch your paint.

Your kit comes with two different washes - Nanolicious Wash is our premium wash with the best lubrication, cleaning power and protective qualities. Auto Body Gel is our most gentle and bare bones wash, which means you can use it in direct sunlight and not be concerned with it drying on the car, it will easily rinse off with water and won't streak or leave marks.

You also have a choice of wash tools in this kit - the larger Wash Pillow makes short work of larger surfaces and holds a mammoth amount of suds, while the smaller Shagamittastic Wash Mitt is great for lower or more intricate sections and prevents you from accidentally dropping the wash tool. Both can be used in conjunction for a thorough clean of your vehicle.

Get your Wash and Rinse buckets ready and 3/4 fill them with clean water. Add 1 capful of Nanolicious Wash or Auto Body Gel to your Wash bucket, then froth it up with the pressure washer to get a good head of suds. Thoroughly rinse out your chosen wash tool in the Rinse bucket, then dip it into the Wash bucket to soak up a large amount of suds.

Starting at the top of the car, wash in straight lines, flipping the wash tool as needed, going back to the Rinse bucket after each small section to rinse any dirt from the wash tool. Then go back into your clean Wash water and do the next section until the whole car is done. Do the lower sections of the doors last using a single, long swipe with the wash tool, and any other sections that are quite dirty.

If you're washing in the sun, we'd recommend washing small sections of the car at a time (1 door, for example), then rinse that panel off before moving onto the next panel, so that the wash doesn't dry on the paint. Once you've washed the whole car, take the end off the hose to flood the water off the panels, making it easier and quicker to dry the car.

To see a detailed explanation of this safe wash method, see our guide here: