An extra helping this year

We've got three different buckets this year. Read below for more info on each one, their contents, and where to grab the bucket that best suits you.

We've made 2 custom products for these buckets: Red Stuff & Green Dreams, which are included in each bucket, with the other products in each bucket bringing a unique set of uses.

After we made Green Stuf last year and from all the good feedback we had from that product, we've made another unique version for this years buckets called Red Stuff. Red Stuff is a beautifully slick and effective pH-neutral wash that’s great for all vehicles, with the same famous lubricating suds we've come to know and love from the Green Stuf wash. It also incorporates the latest anti-rust additives, it's salt and silicone-free, has effective but gentle cleaning and is pretty forgiving to use in the sun too.

Green Dreams is a super hydrophobic spray on, rinse off sealant. Taking what we learned from Wet Dreams and creating something with a unique colour and a bump in hydrophobic protection, shine, slickness and longevity - this is one we love using at HQ and something we will likely incorporate into Wet Dreams down the track.