Easy washing

Place the Great Barrier Thingy in the bottom of the Wash bucket, then 3/4 fill the bucket with water. Put a capful (30ml) of Nanolicious Wash into the bucket, then hit it with the jet setting on your hose to froth it up and get the wash mixed nicely inside the bucket.

Place your wash tool into the suds, and starting at the top of the car, start washing in straight lines, moving down towards the lower sections of the car as you go, leaving the dirty lower sections of the car till last. It's recommended to have a separate Rinse bucket filled with clean water to clean your wash tool out in after washing each section of the car as you go.

After you've finished washing the whole car, take the end of the hose off and flood the panels of the car to rinse all of the wash suds off. You will see how the Nanolicious Wash allows the water to pool together and run off the car easier.

Once you're done, empty the buckets and give them a good rinse out. You don't want to be storing any wash water for use later!