Interior Plastics with Vinyl Care

Moving on to the interior, Vinyl Care is our dedicated interior plastic cleaner and protectant, and is safe to use on all textured plastics including the dashboard, seats, centre console, door cards and trim etc. For piano black or high gloss plastics, we'd recommend our Clean Detail spray.

Vinyl Care is a water based protectant and works best on surfaces that are free of any oil or silicone residues, so clean the surface first with our Orange Agent all-purpose cleaner.

Grab a suitable applicator like our Square Bear and spray 3-4 sprays into it, then gently apply to the surface in a circular motion to ensure full coverage. Work in small areas at a time, and buff off while still damp with a microfibre cloth like our Plush Daddy.

Re apply monthly for best protection, especially in high touch or sun exposed areas.