What is in it?

Inside the bucket, you will find a grouping of some of our favourite Aussie made products, with a few special edition custom formulas exclusive to this bucket thrown in for good measure. The products are designed to be used as a system to clean and protect the inside and outside of your beloved 4 wheeled friend. These products are best used with other elements of our car care range for a complete safe washing experience.

This one is exclusive to Autobarn in limited numbers.

The All Aussie Bucket includes:

  • Wheely Clean - With the new Löstank Berry fragrance.
  • Green Stuf - A custom blend which rinses freely for immediate and satisfying bead porn, with an awesome lime fragrance to boot!
  • Wet Dreams - A super hydrophobic spray on, rinse off sealant that adds protection and shine to your paint.
  • Vinyl Care - Our silicone free interior protectant that leaves a factory fresh matte finish and protects interior plastic from UV damage.
  • Max Doughies - A hole-someley fun air refresher with a delicious doughnut fragrance.
  • 15L Green 'n' Tuf Edition bucket, used for your clean wash water, you won't mix your buckets up with the bright colours and bold WASH label.
  • Lid/Drinks tray - Can be used for many things, drinks tray, frisbee, or to seal your bucket from dust when you aren't using it.