Change foaming levels

The Frother comes set up for maximum dry foam, but you can reduce the foam levels for a wetter foam by removing the foam pucks and adding the relevant spacers if you wish. 2 pucks with the middle spacer is recommended for all of our snow foam concentrates, while all 4 pucks with no spacers are recommended for all other products (Orange Agent, Wheely Clean, Three Way etc)

  1. Remove the wand tip by unthreading it and releasing the o-ring seal and 110 degree fan tip. Do not lose these!
  2. Remove the 4 foam pucks from inside the wand tip.
  3. Reinsert 1 to 3 pucks, depending on your needed foam levels - less pucks = more wet foam.
  4. Insert the relevant plastic spacer (these are inside The Frother bottle in a plastic bag when new). Black spacer for 1 puck, clear spacer for 2 pucks and white spacer for 3 pucks.
  5. Put the o-ring seal back on, then hold the end of the 110 degree fan tip in the upright direction, while screwing the wand tip back on. Keep any removed foam pucks in a handy location if you wish to use them again.