Get your froth on anywhere, anytime

Key points for The Frother:

  • For hassle free hand foaming, when you don't want to, or cannot use a pressure washer and a snow foam cannon.
  • Gives legit levels of thick foam with our Snow Job and Mega Snow Job foams.
  • Great for quick wheel cleaning, engine bays, paint decontamination, interior mats and carpets.
  • The foaming can extend the dwell time and cleaning prowess of Orange Agent, Wheely Clean, Three Way, Sublime Clean and Fabra Cadabra.
  • Large volume internal pump, so you do less work to build up good pressure.
  • The pump's grip is quite ergonomic for needed hand relief on the bigger jobs.
  • The 1.5 litre full mark leaves you a decent air capacity, with enough pressure to foam one door, a guard, or a large wheel before repumping.
  • Big mouth opening for easy filling and to help eliminate cross threading when doing it up.
  • Solid construction, with quality seals and connections, so you don't get annoying leaks.
  • Foaming nozzle has a 110 degree wide fan and can be internally swapped for a dry thick foam, or wet thinner foam.
  • Uses quality EPDM seals, more ideal for our detailing products.
  • This is a pro-grade pumper, the best we've found after extensively testing them all.