Removable carpets and mats

The foaming is ideal for the cleaning of carpet or rubber mats. Adjust pucks as needed - we find 3-4 pucks ideal for Fabra Cadabra and Sublime Clean.

  1. Remove mats from the vehicle, dust off as much as you can and vacuum first if they are carpet.
  2. Fill The Frother to the 0.5 to 1 litre mark with Fabra Cadabra for carpet, or Sublime Clean for rubber.
  3. Spray an even layer of product onto the surface without saturating the material.
  4. No need to let it dwell - agitate straight away with our Plush Brush in a side to side motion for epic cleaning.
  5. Rinse off rubber mats with water, or vacuum with a wet and dry vacuum on carpets.
  6. Leave mats in the sun till they are totally dry, before putting them back in the vehicle.