Using The Frother

  1. Ensure all air pressure is released from the unit by activating the pressure release valve (blue ring located on the right side of the pump head).
  2. Securely hold the unit and unscrew the pump assembly from the tank in a counter-clockwise motion.
  3. Fill tank to no more than 1.5 litres with water and concentrate (like the Snow Job foam) or our other ready to use products. Note: do not overfill tank with liquid. If using any of our snow foam liquids, be sure to remove 2 foaming pucks from the nozzle and put the middle sized spacer in. For all other products, take the spacer out and put the 4 pucks back in.
  4. Securely hold the tank and screw the pump assembly back on in a clockwise motion. Shake well if you added a concentrate to the water.
  5. Pressurise the tank by pumping approximately 20 to 30 times, or until it becomes difficult to pump. Note: you will hear the pressure relief valve release if the air pressure is too high (over 44 PSI).
  6. To start foaming, point the nozzle assembly at the area you wish to foam, at a distance of 20cm-30cm from the surface. Press down on the top blue thumb button to discharge foam. Move in a side to side motion and release the thumb button to stop foaming.
  7. Try and hold The Frother in a flatter position while foaming, as it won't pick up the liquid as well when tilted too far on its side, especially when close to empty.
  8. When the foaming slows down, re-pressurise with another 20 pumps and keep foaming.