Final tips

Some last little tips here - Try and get all the water from out of the hull if you have rinsed it down. Make sure the bungs are out and that you're on a level bit of ground. Lift the front trailer of the ski (if you can) and let the water run to the back to escape via the bung holes. Like we mentioned earlier, leave the seat off for a few hours afterwards so water can evaporate from this area. Do not forget to do the bungs back up before your next ride! 

Dress your trailer tyres. These go in and out of salt water, so doing the sidewalls will both look good and keep them more supple over time. Use Tyre Sheen and apply by spraying into one of our All Sorts applicators for an easy, no mess job. 

You should use a fitted cover on the ski if you are not going to use it for a long while or if it's kept outdoors. Nearly all the factory fitted covers can be treated with our Fabratection spray if they are kept outdoors, to increase the water repellency of them. Likewise you can wash the cover if it gets overly dusty, by wetting it first and then spraying on Sublime Clean and running over it with the wash mitt you have there. Rinse it with fresh water and dry with the Big Green Sucker if it's fitted to the ski, or hang out to dry if not. If you are washing it off the ski, be really sure the area you rest it on is totally clean, so foreign particles don't get into the soft inner liner and potentially scratch your ski!