No pressure washer - Hand washing

If you don't have a pressure washer, this is not going to stop you from being able to wash the ski - you can easily hand wash it, with the following great gear. Likewise, after pressure Snow Jobbing, you can give it a quick hand wash if you wish, which appeals to those who really deeply love and want to show extra care for their ski.

Get one bucket (no need for our traditional two bucket wash here, unless you drive home from the ramp on dirty or wet roads) a Great Barrier Thingy placed in its base in case of the very small chance you pick up any heavier particles that could possibly scratch the ski. Use our Wax Wash as it has the best anti-rust properties of all our washes and the Shagamittastic or Love Glove wash mitt as your wash tool of choice for this job. 

Fill your bucket with 3/4 of water, then add a capful of the Wax Wash and agitate with the hose to get a nice little head of wash suds. Dip your wash mitt into the bucket and begin washing the ski from top to bottom. Use a side to side motion instead of circular, as its generally more efficient and you don't tend to miss as many places. We like to use the Shagamittastic or Love Glove due to its lower profile, so it can get in and around all the intricate sections of the ski. The Shaggamittastic holds more suds, so we usually pick it here, but it's a personal preference. Our bigger more flat-surfaced wash tools like Muffy, Shagtastic and Wash Pillow tend to be too large for the intricate areas, so the overall wash won't be quite as good. You can also use one of our Foursome round detailing brushes for the hardest to reach areas if needed. 

After washing, take the end off the hose and flood the panels, sheeting the water beads from the ski, making the following drying process a bit faster. 

Your footwells by now will be full of water. To remove this, we use the wide Shaggamittastic (another reason we like using this wash tool) and push the sitting water out, before mopping up the last of it with the mitt itself. 

Once you're done, empty the buckets and give them a good rinse out. You don't want to be storing any wash water for use later!