Quick after-wash maintenance of Bead Machine

After applying the Bead Machine, it's easy to keep it at its very best by quickly and easily maintaining it after a ride with another of our super hydrophobic products - Wet Dreams. We would apply this as an extra layer on the Bead Machine after your first ride/wash. Then, use it when you notice the water beading starting to diminish into the future. 

This one is super easy to use, in fact it's so easy we call it one of the biggest cheats in car (or ski) care.
It is very important that you FOLLOW THE PRODUCTS DIRECTIONS as it's so fast in curing. Always use it in the shade and do a section at a time. You use this after the ski has been washed and still wet from the spray rinse off. We have two ways to apply it - spray the Wet Dreams in even, methodical strokes over the hard surfaces, then gently wipe over the area with a damp, folded Big Softie cloth to get an even covering of the surface. The other method is to spray it on directly, which is faster, but you don't always get as even of a finish. In both cases you only work in one area at a time and then rinse the Wet Dreams off well (as well as any adjoining areas any overspray could have drifted onto) with a strong jet of water right after applying. Continue doing this around the ski, enjoying the fresh bead porn on your steed, till you are all completed. Then dry it as per the above section. 

It really does not get much easier for awesome, lasting protection. 

We have another product called Happy Ending which gives a very similar finish to Wet Dreams. It's however applied with our Snow Blow Cannon and a pressure washer, but just be aware you need to use the stronger pressure of water from the lance to remove it. Following our wash advice above with more pressurised water from the lance, it's something we don't recommend in the interests of safety. We prefer using Wet Dreams and removing it as we go with the spray hose gun.