Time for some protection

Once the ski is all dry you can now look at adding some needed protection. This is a simple combination of products we have been testing for the last year with fantastic success in the harsh marine environment. They protect as well as make the ski much easier to clean after future rides, as the surface is sealed and it makes it harder for anything to bond to the treated areas. 

The first step is to get a bottle of Flash Prep and using it as per its directions - spray directly onto the hard surfaces, a section at a time. Gently rub in it in with one of our folded Big Softie microfibre cloths before it flashes off, for a nice clean finish. This step removes any oils or other products that could affect the bonding of our Bead Machine in next step of adding protection.  

With the surface now nice and clean, have a bottle of our super hydrophobic Bead Machine ready. This will create awesome durable protection from the water and sun, as well as give an incredible shine in one quick step. Again, use it as per the directions by spraying it into a folded Big Softie microfibre cloth and then wiping the cloth evenly over a small surface at a time, in a side to side and then up and down motion. Then, use a 2nd dry and clean Big Softie cloth to buff off any final residue. Fold and turn this 2nd cloth often. 

You can use Bead Machine on all the hard surfaces around the ski, including the ABS plastic bumpers, gauges and binnacles.