Rinse-less Washing with No Hose

How does this work?

One of the questions we get quite often is how to clean the car when you don't have access to a hosepipe, pressure washer, or you can't get your car into a good position for a regular 3 bucket wash. Up until now, the only advice we could give was using Boss Gloss with multiple Drop Bear towels to gently remove light dust, but this method is not as safe for the paint as we'd want and we try to avoid doing it whenever possible. 

When the droughts hit Australia a few years ago, we started developing a wash that didn't need running water to use, but it quickly got sidelined for some of our more exciting products (all the super hydrophobic sealants and wax for one) and the water restrictions were lifted.

Recently, we've redoubled our efforts on this product, and after years of testing and 50+ formulas, we finally settled on one that we feel safe enough to use on our cars here. 

No Hose is a rinseless wash (not to be confused with a waterless wash), which means you don't need a hosepipe to rinse the car down after washing. All you need is a bucket, a Frother or trigger bottle, access to clean water via a tap, and several microfibre cloths. You measure out the concentrated No Hose into the bucket and into your chosen sprayer, pre spray the section you are working, wipe over with the folded microfibre, then dry with your chosen drying towel/aid combination. No need for large quantities of water, endless rinsing, and no chasing water dribbles around the car either. It's super handy for apartment dwellers who don't have access to running water, or even when out on a road trip.

A lot of things go into developing this sort of product to be safe and effective, starting with the microfibre cloths. We spent a lot of time testing the varying qualities, densities, sizes, and weaves to find the safest and most effective and safest type of microfibre to use, critical when you aren't able to prewash the car before touching it! Aptly named for their beautiful colour and feel in between your fingers the Fluffy Plums are a pleasure to touch and use.

The formula itself is very lubricating and designed to fully encapsulate dirt and pull it away from the surface of the paint, which lets you wipe it away without inflicting damage. It also leaves behind a smooth and shiny finish which is easy to dry. 

Setting Up

Grab your bucket and fill it up with around 7L of water (half full), and fill your Frother to the 1L mark. If you're using a trigger sprayed (like our 500ml one) fill it up with 400mL, or just below the neck where your pinkie finger sits.

The product is diluted in the following ratios:
Bucket : 1 : 40 - In 7L of water,  40mL of No Hose.
Sprayer: 1 : 200 - In 400mL of water, 10mL of No Hose

Park your car in the shade where possible, and work on panels that are cool to the touch. Early mornings or late afternoons are best for this. 

Pre Soaking

Pre-spray one section of the car at a time (eg the roof, the bonnet, one door) and allow it to dwell for around 70 seconds. This time is critical to allow the No Hose to penetrate, loosen and encapsulate the dirt on the paint to allow for safe removal. 


Wiping it Down

Soak your Fluffy Plums in the No Hose solution In the bucket, making sure they are completely saturated. Grab one cloth out, wring it out gently to get rid of the dripping water, then fold into quarters.

Starting in the top left corner of your section, gently wipe the folded cloth in one direction across the panel. Flip the cloth to the clean side, then wipe the next section in the same manner, never wipe the cloth back and forth.

Unfold the cloth and re fold in the other direction to expose two clean sides and continue with the single wipe process. The Fluffy Plum can be unfolded twice, giving you 8 clean sides per cloth.

Once you have used all of the clean sides, put your cloth in a separate bucket ready to be washed. Do not put it back into the No Hose bucket as this will contaminate the solution and increase the risk of scratching.


You can dry the car with either the Big Green Sucker and Boss Gloss, or using After Glow with a Big Softie. We prefer After Glow as it's a spot-free drying aid that adds protection and a great shine/glow to the paint, to complement that of No Hose. It's also mega lubricating which is critical for minimizing the risk of scratching or swirling the paint.

After you have finished wiping down your chosen section, dampen, wring out, and fold a Big Softie cloth and spray 6-8 sprays of After Glow into the low pile side.
Working in a north-south, east-west motion, dry the car using the cloth, being methodical to soak up any water left behind. Wait a minute for the product to flash off, then buff off any residue with a second dry Big Softie.

Adding Protection

Microfibre Care and Storage

It's CRITICAL that you wash your Fluffy Plums immediately after using No Hose, using Microfibre Wash either in a bucket or in your washing machine. If you can't get to wash them, leave them in the No Hose solution until you are ready to clean them.

Add 20-60mL of Microfibre Wash to your machine (depending on how many cloths you're washing), and put the machine on a normal wash cycle with warm water. DO NOT ADD FABRIC SOFTENER.

Once the cloths have been washed, pop them in the dryer on the cool/warm setting for around 45 minutes, or until they come back nice and fluffy. Once the cloths are dry, pack them away in a sealable container, ready for their next use!

For a more detailed explanation of this process, please see our dedicated caring for microfibre guide below:


Any Questions?

Your car should now be nice and shiny and clean, and you have been water-conscious while doing so!

Should you have any questions about anything mentioned in this article, or have questions about other products and processes, feel free to get in touch on 1800 351 308, or shoot us an email to info@bowdensown.com.au

Brett Hobbs.