You can dry the car with either the Big Green Sucker and Boss Gloss, or using After Glow with a Big Softie. We prefer After Glow as it's a spot-free drying aid that adds protection and a great shine/glow to the paint, to complement that of No Hose. It's also mega lubricating which is critical for minimizing the risk of scratching or swirling the paint.

After you have finished wiping down your chosen section, dampen, wring out, and fold a Big Softie cloth and spray 6-8 sprays of After Glow into the low pile side.
Working in a north-south, east-west motion, dry the car using the cloth, being methodical to soak up any water left behind. Wait a minute for the product to flash off, then buff off any residue with a second dry Big Softie.