Diagnosing the problem

Like all quality snow foam cannons, the Snow Blow Cannon has several small orifices which can be blocked up with larger pieces of debris. The main two are the soap solution pickup and the venturi nozzle behind the adapter.

Symptoms for a blocked pickup:

  • No foam or soap of any kind exiting the cannon nozzle.
  • The cannon stopped producing foam in the middle of use.

Symptoms for a blocked venturi:

  • The pressure washer stops/starts while the cannon is connected.
  • Very poor pressure exiting the cannon nozzle.

A quick and easy way to identify where the blockage might be is fondly named "the blow test". Try and blow air through the cannon from the bottom of the pickup tube and through the adapter for your pressure washer (make sure it's clean and dry), and if you can't blow through, there's a blockage in there.

Our cannons also contain a small mesh filter/aerator that mixes the Snow Job/Mega Snow Job solution with water and air to create the amazing thick foam. Over time, these aerators can become clogged with debris and cause poor foaming and low pressure output.

Symptoms for a clogged aerator:

  • Poor or runny foam Bubbling or spluttery foam
  • Thin, runny foam

Unfortunately there is no safe and easy way to clean the aerators out, and are best replaced once they clog up. A cannon servicing kit can be purchased from our website here.