V2 updates

Our Leather Love V2 update brings with it a new and revised formula with more modern ingredients to make what we feel is one of the best leather cleaners we’ve ever used. It’s still water based, pH neutral, non toxic and biodegradable, leaves a rich leather aroma, and importantly, will leave a lovely matte finish and won’t make your seats slippery. The new foaming trigger also aids in cleaning, helps keep the product where it needs to be, and eliminates any potential overspray clean-up too.

After more than 2 years of formulating and testing scores of different versions, we were finally happy with a formula. From here, we sent some of this completed version to a host of professional detailers across the country to get their feedback and tweaked the product slightly using this information.

Like our original Leather Love, Leather Love V2 and Leather Guard are both still safe to use on Vegan leather, like is found in new Tesla's, and it's also suitable to use on semi aniline leather.