Some more handy tips

  • It's important that the 2nd Big Softie cloth stays dry. If there is a bit of standing water on the panels (maybe you didn't sheet it all off like we said) wipe down bigger areas at a time (like the entire bonnet or roof) with the damp application cloth - this is so you don't get water into your dry buffing cloth. If you get water into this dry cloth you can get slight smearing, so keep it dry.
  • You can use After Glow on all the hard exterior surfaces of your car, including the glass, plastic trims, all lights, polished alloy, carbon, fibreglass, and your wheels (just make sure they are very clean first).
  • When you use this in direct sunlight, you will see it flashes off nearly completely, with little or no residue left over on the panel. Still wipe it with the 2nd dry cloth afterwards though, just so it removes any high spots and allows the product to cure at its protective best. 
  • After Glow emulsifies water extremely effectively, so is perfect to use for people who have to wash with “hard” water, that is more likely to leave those small annoying water marks. Using this product you get no water spotting and a perfect finish, every time.
  • For areas of your car that pool or hide water, like around windows or trims, hold the microfibre cloth with After Glow on that area, the combination of the product and cloth will pull the water out and into the cloth, which is a cool party trick to say the least. 
  • If it's a bit cold when you're using After Glow, you'll notice the trigger will move a little slowly, this is as the product is so concentrated and thick! If its an issue for you, put it in the sun or a bowl of warm water for 10 minutes, and that'll warm this QLD brew up a bit. 
  • At the end of your drying always wash both cloths straight after with our Microfibre Wash either by hand or in a machine. It's best practise to not let the damp application Big Softie cloth dry before washing as the protective ingredients in After Glow can make it less absorbent. If you do let it dry, allow it to soak for a few hours in a dilution of 20mLs of the Microfibre Wash and 1 litre of water, then wash again after soaking.