The development process

The original idea behind After Glow was to utilise a combination of cool new ingredients that emulsify water into its solution and then vapour dry away fast, leaving a spotless, dry surface. Like so many ideas we have, it changed as we went deeper into the development process of it.

The original formulas were created to work with The Big Green Sucker drying towel and they did that well, however I noticed in testing that one of the formula samples left a truly incredible shine, but it was not playing well with the drying towel. I wanted that shine so badly that we began testing it with other microfibre blend cloths and techniques, until finally I was watching a detailing video with a very charismatic U.S. detailer who used a wet microfibre cloth to apply a drying product. I knew by the way ours worked that it too would emulsify and spread even better with a wet cloth, eliminating any application issues and allowing that crazy shine. We tested a large variety of different microfibre cloths before deciding on a slight GSM upgrade to the Big Softie cloth (which we have already released, but not announced). 

We then spent another year honing this formula with a damp Big Softie cloth to apply it and then a dry Big Softie cloth to buff off after. With every new formula we seemed to learn something new, adding more and more to it, and after another 60 formula variations, it was finally done.

It’s now something I believe is the single greatest product we have ever created to date.