It's all about great preparation

Don't get us wrong, not all polishes are bad. Especially if you have a car that only needs a quick 'one-step' maintenance. We own a 1967 Falcon XR GT that still has its original paint from the day it left the factory, and is in pretty good order. If the previous owner of that car had chosen the regular polishing path, she would be like 95% of the other XR GTs out there: re-sprayed and therefore, in our opinion, devalued.

The majority of the cars in our collection fall into two categories; immaculately restored, or entirely original. So when we created our pre-wax Paint Cleanse & Restore, we formulated it to be used with both the new hard clear coats or old fragile acrylic coats. These range from our 1940 Ford Businessman's coupe with its original paint, through to our freshest coat, the BMW M1 Procar. Gentle but effective is definitely the motto of our pre-wax paint cleanser.

Very few car care companies understand just how important it is to retain original coats of paint. We do, and we want the motoring enthusiasts of Australia to know that they can now buy a product from a local manufacturer which is focused soley on the goal of paint longevity. We understand that not everyone wants a new coat of paint on his or her car every 10 years; and when you regularly use the Bowden's Own range, this only becomes an option, not a necessity. The Paint Cleanse & Restore has a dual purpose; to renew your cars original lustre and to prepare the surface for our Carnauba Body Wax, Lazy Wax, Fully Slick or Bead Machine protective coatings.

Car care is all about awesome preparation, and this product we've created has become the ultimate paint preparation tool we can make to use by hand. Deep cleaning the paint, removing minor imperfections and marks, and leaving it silky smooth so the wax can work its best on the surface. It's also why the next step is so important as well.