Preparing to cleanse 

If the paint feels okay, then you are ready to give it a cleansing. First, you have to assess the paints' condition. Is it fragile, old paint? If your answer is YES, then only give the car a mild once over to develop a bonding agent for the wax/sealant. If it's the original coat and that is the way you want it to stay, then only use a reasonably gentle action when applying and buffing off the Paint Cleanse & Restore. Remember, this is clear coat safe and very gentle. Your car is getting cleansed by the safest paint cleanser you can buy!

Again, make sure the car is dry - why? Well, water actually compounds how effectively the cleanser works, meaning it makes it tough to cleanse. It can also be annoying when your nice even strokes are broken by a droplet, escaping from behind that beautiful chrome badge. So dry that car! Always make sure you are not wearing any rings, or other items that can mark the paint. Big belt buckles are a ripper for those unexplained scratch marks all over your cars body.