The final buff 

Immediately buff off any resdue with a folded, clean, blue edged Big Softie microfibre cloth. There is no need to allow the product to dry to a haze, as it's already completed its job of deep cleaning the paint. Use the non plush side first to make the job easier.

Then, flip the cloth to the plush side for a final buff over the area and you're done. Note how smooth it moves over the paint now. That's what deep cleaning does! Now move onto the next section, continuing until all the car is done. 

Drying time of the cleanser will vary with your climate and the conditions under which you are cleansing. Another thing to take on board is the less cleanser you apply, the easier it is to buff off!

The cleanser can leave white marks on some black trims and plastics, due to the good gear we put in it. Try not to get product on them, or you can mask them off with painters tape before you begin. If you do get some on by accident and need to remove it, Orange Agent on a Dirty Deeds cloth, or a small, soft bristled brush like our Plush Brush, will do the job nicely. Just be very careful if you're using a brush to not scratch the paint! Once the residue has been removed, seal the plastics or rubber with Vinyl Revival.