What is it?

Boss Gloss is a water based synthetic detailing spray that's ideal for both modern clear coats and older single stage paints. It wipes off fast and streak free on wet or dry surfaces, including paint, glass and hard plastics, even in the sun (with the right cloths and technique). It leaves a great shine and a now famous slick, smooth finish which is why it's so popular with many car enthusiasts now! 

It won't strip off waxes or sealants, so it's ideal to use as a final step process a couple of hours after waxing, to seal and boost your shine, as well as helping to remove any wax residue you may miss when you were buffing it off. This product can also be layered over itself, or with our other detailing sprays (except Clean Detail), to create more shine and protection with each application to your paint. 

Not quite as protective as the Fully Slick spray sealant, but we've been able to bump up the ingredients for a greater level of shine, so it's our go to product at all car shows or events. 

Read on for our 4 favourite uses for this great detailing spray.