Hand Washing

This is an important step, because you don't want to inflict swirl marks into your freshly polished or ceramic coated paint job. For this step, we strongly recommend to use the 3 bucket wash method with Nanolicious Wash and one of our super plush wash tools like the Shagtastic Wash Pad, Shagamittastic Wash Mitt and The Wash Pillow. Use our bigger 15 litre buckets with the Great Barrier Thingy in the bottom of them to help further prevent swirl creating grime coming back into the wash tools. We recommend the Nanolicious Wash as the best for ceramic coated cars, as it contains ingredients that, like the Snow Job, help to maintain and rejuvenate ceramic coatings. When used on a regular basis, it will help your coating to continue to bead and sheet water consistently.

Our other washes; Auto Body Gel and Wax Wash, won't at all be detrimental in the longer term if you choose to use them, however, we still see Nanolicious Wash as the most suitable wash for ceramic coated cars.

Once you're done, empty the buckets and give them a good rinse out. You don't want to be storing any wash water for use later!

Read more about our wash method below: