Protection for non matte surface

If the finish is gloss, or semi gloss, you can use our other products for a more intensive clean to bring back the beautiful depth and lustre to the carbon fibres encased in the gel coat. Our Paint Cleanse & Restore (non abrasive) and Carnauba Body Wax (again non abrasive) will work together for a great effect.

Apply as you would normally, the Paint Cleanse & Restore first with a Circle Work microfibre applicator pad. Work the Cleanser into the carbon fibres in a gentle circular motion, then let it dry for 1 minute. Buff off the residue with a clean microfibre cloth. Use the same procedure again with the Carnauba Body Wax, making sure to use a separate applicator and cloth to what you used with the Cleanser. There is no need to be aggressive with using these products, just be nice and gentle to get the best possible finish.