Step 1

Wash, Rinse and Dry. 

Ta Ta Tar is pretty easy to use, even more so with this latest, citrus version. 

It will always work best on fresh tar, so keep it handy in your garage or car if you're on a road trip, to use as soon as it happens.

We do not recommend this product if you have a professionally applied ceramic coating, as it can affect some of these surfaces. For people in this situation, it would be best to take it back to the person who applied the coating to remove the tar and then reapply the ceramic coating back to that area if needed.

Firstly, it's important to make sure the area you are going to work on is clean, to minimise the chance of rubbing dirt or any other heavier particles into the paint, thus scratching the paint. So we recommend that you wash the tar affected areas with any of our washes, then rinse with fresh water and dry it off.