Step 3

Gentle Wipe Off

Now get damp Dirty Deeds low pile microfibre cloth.

Fold the cloth into quarters and mist 4 to 5 sprays of the Ta Ta Tar directly into the cloth. 

Apply by wiping the Dirty Deeds over the tar affected surface in one direction, one wipe at a time. Work patiently and don't ever aggressively scrub as you will take the risk of introducing marring to the paint surface.

For more extreme cases with larger tar spots or older tar, you may have to repeat the above process, as bigger tar and older deposits will only have the outer skin of the tar penetrated and softened by the Ta Ta Tar. Just be patient, take your time and slowly remove these marks safely. If the tar is really old and rock hard, with no tar runs appearing after applying the Ta Ta Tar you will have to use a clay bar or our Claying Rubber to try and remove it from the surface. 

Also remember to flip and turn the cloth to a clean side often, to minimise the transfer of the removed tar from the cloth back to the surface you're trying to clean. Repeat this process till all the tar is removed from the vehicle.