The great Aussie Road trip

The great Aussie road trip is a tradition for many families and the Bowden's are no exception. We travel countless miles each year, whether we're heading away for a holiday, or running to an interstate race event with one of the cars on-board the old race transporters or doing a tarmac rally. One of the most annoying things when we get back is cleaning off the tar flicked all over the cars. 

We have had a few different tar removal formulas over the years and with our never ending development with the chemists on the car care, we have come to this new Ta Ta Tar formula.  

This little beauty of a formula is now citrus based, a change from the previous petroleum based formula we used to use. We have found it to be more effective, still safe for all the different finishes around a car, a lot easier to use and also a bit more environmentally friendly.