5 steps to eliminate smearing

We have made Fully Slick the best way possible to minimise any smearing, especially in our sheds where we use it the most. But we realise that it has its limititations and it can still happen from time to time, usually due to environmental (high heat, humidity or direct sun), your technique, or the cloths you are using it with. Darker coloured cars and cars that are still warm can be an issue as well. So, here are some tips to help stop it happening: 

  1. At the car show in the sun: DO NOT spray Fully Slick directly onto the surface. This will vaporise almost instantly and leave its residue on the paint. The way around this is to spray a minimal amount of the product (2 to 3 sprays at most) into the Drop Bear cloth and then apply to a small section (like 1/4 of a bonnet) in straight lines. Then get a second clean and dry Drop Bear cloth and quickly buff off any residue right after applying.
  2. Darker coloured cars: Like above, DO NOT spray Fully Slick directly onto the surface. Spray a minimal amount of the product, (2 to 3 sprays at most when dry and only one spray when re-applying after the initial application) to the microfibre cloth and then apply to a small section (like 1/4 of a bonnet, roof or boot). Then get a second clean and dry Drop Bear cloth and quickly buff off any residue right after applying. As black cars tend to retain heat in their panels longer than most other colours, wait that little bit longer if they are still warm, especially on the bonnet. 
  3. It's CRITICAL that you're using a seperate clean and dry cloth for the removal: Fold it into sections, the Drop Bear we prefer folds perfectly in half. Use one side at a time, turn and fold till all 4 sides have been used. Swap your cloths over frequently. It always pays to have extra cloths with you when you go to car shows for this reason.
  4. If it's a wet, cold day or very high humidity: Use a little less product than you normally would on a dry, warm day. Also pay extra attention to the next point:
  5. Only use with clean or new high quality microfibre cloths: Any other cloth other than a good quality microfibre just don't absorb well enough. Even cheaper microfibre cloths (the $2 bundles you see) don't work that well. You need them to be new and clean, as any residue from other products will create smearing. This is why we made the Microfibre Wash, as it totally removes all the residue from detailing chemicals.