For after washing or waxing

If the car is clean, like right after a wash or a fresh wax coat and you're wanting a quick shine and added protection, this will be the best technique for you. For this method you can use either the Drop Bear cloth, or as shown in the images here, our well loved dual sided Big Softie cloth as well. If you're doing this after waxing, just wait 3 to 4 hours for the wax to harden and cure, then follow these steps. 

  • Fold the Big Softie into quarters to the non plush side, or fold the Drop Bear in half and then spray the Fully Slick a few times into the cloth.
  • Work on a small area at a time (like 1/4 of a bonnet, 1/2 a door etc). Gently apply to the paint surface in straight lines.
  • Then immediately after applying, grab a second Big Softie or Drop Bear cloth and buff off the residue away in a gentle back and forth motion.

Always remember that It's critical to have a dry microfibre cloth for product removal. As the Big Softie is not as absorbent as the Drop Bear, it can pay to have a third Big Softie cloth handy, just in case the first one fills up with liquid and begins smearing.