What is Fully Slick?

Fully Slick is a spray on, synthetic protective sealant that leaves your paint with a beautifully slick and glossy finish. It's actually the slickest and smoothest feeling of anything in our range, which car enthusiasts will love. It has a range of other great attributes that we built into it, which is quite amazing for how easy it is to use:

  • Creates a protective, showroom shine in one quick step.
  • Leaves our smoothest feeling, fully slick finish, like your car has just been waxed.
  • New durable polymers create a nice level of protection, even after multiple washes.
  • Hydrophobic formula, to repel water and create bead porn.
  • High lubricity to encapsulate dirt particles and help prevent scratches.
  • Wipes off fast and easy, on wet or dry surfaces. 
  • Boosts and builds some quick extra protection between waxing.
  • Safe for all paint types including older single stage paints, as well as glass, chrome and exterior hard plastic trim.
  • Leaves no white chalky residue on plastic trims.
  • Big arse sized 770ml, makes it great value for money.
  • Aussie made, biodegradable and earth friendly. 

And a I know a lot of you will be very happy with its great fragrance, matched to be just like a Bowen Mango!