How does this fit into my car care system?

One of our more popular car care systems involves maintenance washing with a pressure washer, which can make your detailing a whole lot less work, as well as being more effective. This new finishing foam is to be used as a great way to complete this wash system, when used via the Snow Blow Cannon

Happy Ending was made to quickly give a visible boost of protection to the car at the end of the wash, as well as creating a super high gloss and slippery smooth finish. All this happens from simply spraying it on, and then pressure washing it off, to leave a super hydrophobic coating, before drying the car as you do in a normal wash. 

We tested and developed our final formula extensively over 8 months from winter, to the end of the hottest summer on record, all the while fine tuning it with our chemists and sharing the experience of getting it slowly right with our fans on our Instagram stories. We find it works best on good quality, modern clear coat paint. Brand new cars are especially amazing in the effect it creates. 

It's not SiO2 or Ceramic

We are proud to say that the main active ingredients have been custom made for us right here in Australia, designed to work the way our chemists required to create a super hydrophobic finish in our harsh summer environment. It's quite unique too, as these ingredients are not the popular "SiO2" (Nano sized silica particles) you're seeing in many new products, nor are we using the much hyped buzz word of calling the foam a "ceramic". Mainly as we are tired of seeing this term being used in a plethora of recent consumer products, that we believe is incorrectly done to only help sell their wares, and further confuse an already complex matrix of enthusiast products. But, we do say the Happy Ending is that good with its durable protection that "you won't believe it's not ceramic".

Use to maintain our waxes, sealants and proper ceramic coats:

Happy Ending is pH neutral, water-based and also biodegradable. It's safe to use over any of our waxes or sealants - in fact, it's a great top up for them with its better durability and hydrophobic effects, especially our newly released Bead Machine. The formula also works fantastically to maintain and revitalise any professionally applied ceramic coating, keeping them working like new. These types of coatings are true ceramics and use a very different and expensive type of chemistry which Happy Ending is compatible with. 

Another cool attribute is that it can make both the Snow Job foam and Wheely Clean more effective at cleaning, as the Happy Ending creates an even coating on the surface, making it harder for any dirt and grime to stay stuck to it.