How to give a Happy Ending

Before we begin, there are some important things you must follow, as this product is very concentrated and cures quickly when it dries. If you're someone who dislikes following product instructions, we don't recommend this product for you. Please take note of this first important section:

DO NOT USE ON HOT/WARM PANELS, IN THE DIRECT SUN AND NEVER ALLOW TO DRY. Only use on wet panels in the cooler morning or afternoon, preferably out of strong wind. It is not suitable for fabric or vinyl convertible tops or ute tonneau covers. Nor is it ideal for poor quality, single stage, porous or oxidised paint. If your paint feels rough when washing, we suggest you quickly clay bar or use our Claying Rubber with the car wash before use, as this product will bond better to uncontaminated, good quality surfaces. 

1. Mix the Happy Ending in a Snow Blow Cannon bottle (a separate Happy Ending labeled bottle is available - part code to order one from our resellers is BOHCB). It handily uses the same dilution ratio of 9:1 as the Snow Job foam. If using the same bottle as the Snow Job, rinse it out with water first. Then add 900ml of fresh water, before turning the Happy Ending bottle upside down above the cannon bottles inlet and open the pop top, to ensure there is no wasted product when filling. Add 100ml of the Happy Ending using either the measuring marks on the cannon bottles label, or from watching the 100ml increments on the side of the Happy Ending bottle. You don't need to rinse out the brass cannon unit after use with our Snow Job, as the formulas won't contaminate or affect each other in small amounts. 

2. Carefully screw the Happy Ending mixture bottle to the cannon unit and attach to your pressure washer. Adjust the cannons top air knob to full clockwise (-) and adjust front nozzle to give a medium arc, a little bit wider than you would use with the snow foam.

3. Apply the light foam to the roof and then work to the bottom. It's safe for all glass, exterior plastic trims, wheels and tyres. Slowly walk around the entire car till it’s covered. Note that this product doesn’t create a thick foam. Do your best to try and avoid applying directly to the windscreen. On larger vehicles like trucks and vans, or in warmer conditions, we recommend that you do half the vehicle at a time.

4. Once finished, quickly remove the cannon from the lance and change to the lances power wash fitting. Immediately begin to THOROUGHLY pressure wash the product off, especially on the glass. Start from where you began applying, use a methodical, overlapping motion from the top of the car to the bottom, doing a couple of passes over each section to activate the bead porn. The bead porn effect is activated by the friction from the strong jet of water over the surface. You'll notice it gets better over time as the product cures on the surface. Work right around the car till you're finished. If you wish for more water beading after the first application, re-apply as per above to the separate areas for complete satisfaction. 

5. Now use the new found surface tension to help dry the car. Do this by taking the end off your hose and flooding the panels with water, sheeting the majority of the water droplets from the now coated surface. Dry the car with our Big Green Sucker drying towel, with 6 to 8 mists of Boss Gloss as the drying aid in each side of the towel. Boss Gloss used this way will not affect the super hydrophobic surface. It's at this stage where the smoothness of the surface will become apparent, and also how much easier the drying has become. It's very important to use a drying towel for this job and ensure a perfect finish - never air dry the car or blow dry the car down after applying Happy Ending

6. Quickly clean the windscreen and wipers with Naked Glass and a big softie cloth to prevent the chance of the wipers smearing the next time you use them.

7. The protective finish and beading lasts for up to two months on daily driven cars - longer on cars that are better pampered or have better paint. Any left over Happy Ending foam mixture can be left in the cannon bottle and reused up to 3 months later. Store it in a cool area out of direct sunlight and use a cap or some race tape over the top to dust seal it. Note that the cannon bottle uses a unique machine thread, so no cap exists that can create a 100% perfect water proof seal. So just be sure to store it upright.

An extra tip for before you begin packing everything away - re-attach the cannon to the pressure washer and run just water though it, to flush the Happy Ending from inside the unit. This can be done by using it without the cannon mixture bottle screwed on, or by simply turning the top blue mixture knob all the way to positive, so only water goes through the unit. 

On the slight chance that you get any streaking or uneven patchiness when using Happy Ending, simply wipe over the marks with the Big Green Sucker using a bit of extra pressure on the towel to remove these "high spots". If the marks are left to dry, don't freak as the Paint Cleanse and Restore can remove them easily.

Now grab a cool refreshing beverage and enjoy the new awesome high-gloss shine.

NOTE: If you have a black car, the paint will retain more heat from the sun, and for a longer time than other colours. Happy Ending is best done on a black car before the sun comes up, or after it's gone down at night, and once the heat has dissipated from the panels. Doing half the car at a time is also strongly recommended.