No, not the cricket match kind. Due to the nature of the type of product Happy Ending is (instant bonding and fast curing), there is the potential for it to leave streak marks if the instructions are not followed. If used in the sun, on hot panels, or the mixture is made too strong, can all lead to this happening. ALWAYS use this product out of direct sun, in the shade, on panels that are completely cool to the touch, and make sure your mixture is measured accurately.

If you do happen to get streak marks, there are a few things you can do:

If the marks are fresh, use firmer pressure with the Big Green Sucker and Boss Gloss while drying to remove any marks. If the marks are not fresh, and this method with the Big Green Sucker and Boss Gloss doesn't work, you can use the Paint Cleanse & Restore to safely remove the marks. Keep in mind if you do use this method, you will need to put some protection back on the area you used the Paint Cleanse & Restore on.