At this point, you have 2 options for waxing with your Holy Humongous KitCarnauba Body Wax (cream wax) or Lazy Wax (spray wax).

Carnauba Body Wax –

Ensure the cars' surface is out of direct sunlight and cool to touch. Remove any rings, belt buckles, chains or anything else from yourself as they can potentially scratch your paint. Shake the bottle really well and apply a 50-cent size amount of Carnauba Body Wax to our orange edged Circle Work applicator pad, then smother it over the pads surface, so there are no dry sections.

Work on one area of the car at a time using a slow and gentle circular motion. You can go circular with out fear of leaving swirl marks as our wax has no abrasives and the Circle Work pad is designed with materials that can never leave micro-scratches. Always ensure you're working indoors when using this technique. If you're working outdoors, or you're afraid of dirt or dust blowing onto the car, always work in straight lines instead of circular. Try and spread the wax as far as possible. The less you use, the better the results; it only needs to be lightly spread on. This way, it's easier to remove and your dollar stretches much further. Remember this simple rule; Less is Best!

Let the Carnauba Body Wax dry for around a minute, till it forms a light, dry haze. Remove it with a folded orange edged Big Softie microfibre cloth (to the low pile side). Do a final, close inspection of the car to ensure all the residue is buffed away, then tidy up any remaining residue with a final wipe of the Big Softie cloth, folded into quarters to the higher pile, plush side.

Lazy Wax - 

Get your Drop Bear cloth and fold it in half. Spray 6-8 sprays of Lazy Wax into the folded Drop Bear cloth, and then spread the product onto one section of the car at a time, the same as before (1/4-1/2 of a bonnet etc.). Once the product has been spread, give it 10 seconds or so until you see it flash off, then flip your cloth over to the dry side and buff off any remaining residue. It’s that easy! For an even more protective finish, we recommend topping the Lazy Wax with a coat of Fully Slick or After Glow. Let the wax cure for 3-4 hours, and then apply a good layer of Fully Slick in the same manner as the Lazy Wax with the Drop Bear cloth. After Glow gets applied with a damp Big Softie cloth, then a second clean and dry Big Softie cloth to remove any remaining residue.