Foaming issues? Here's some helpful tips.

Sometimes the level of foam can be an issue and it depends on a few factors that we touch on in this article. Here are the main things we have seen the last few years that you need to look at if your cannon is not foaming the way you'd like. 

1. The top blue knob should be turned to full minus/negative towards the "-". This means the Cannon will take on less wash solution, meaning more air, which means greater foam. Turning the knob to the "+" symbol means the Cannon takes on more wash solution and less air, which means less foam.

2. Your pressure washer does not have enough PSI or water flow. Smaller machines with less water and pressure won't ever foam as good as bigger machines do. In our video here we are using a middle range Gerni machine with 1800 PSI and 7 litres per minute of water flow. If your machine is under this, you may need to add more Snow Job foam wash to compensate for it. Between 20 to 100 mls extra is what we recommend and some trial and error to see what works best for you and your machine. We have also noticed a larger than normal amount of issues with people using Karcher machines, especially as they age and the pumps become less effective. 

3. Bad water quality. If you're using harder bore or dam water, this will negatively affect the sudsing ability of the Snow Job foam. Always use good quality water! 

4. The clear tube is not connected in the cannon, or it's kinked inside the bottle and is not able to suck up the Snow Job solution from the cannons bottle. Also make sure it is not perfectly flush with the base of the cannon bottle when inside. Check to make sure this tube is connected right and not kinked or blocked in any way. 

5. Bad water pressure. If your tap water is too low of a pressure, or the hose going to the pressure washer gets a kink in it, it will starve the pressure washer of water and won't work as well. We have seen this on a property tank water where it's been gravity fed and it was not enough for pressure washer to work its best. Likewise at a demo event we hosted and the town water we used was very poor, so the cannon stopped foaming as the pressure washer was starved of water.

6. Over time you might notice the cannon not foaming as well as you remember, this can be from the Snow Job solution drying inside the cannon and building up, blocking the water flow. After each time you use the cannon it can help to turn the top knob to full positive to run fresh water through the unit and flush the foam solution out. Or, you can flush the cannon by adding 200mls of straight Orange Agent (no added water) to the cannon bottle and running it through as you would normally use the Snow Job foam. This will help clean the cannon free of any dried up detergent. 

7. If the cannon stops foaming while you are using it, the culprit will most likely be something foreign has entered the cannon and blocked it. We have had this happen a couple of times at our shed, even on town water with small particles have been found in our cannon internals. If this is the case, you will need to disassemble the cannon to find and remove the object, which is an easy job as you can read in this article by clicking here. 

If you have pulled the cannon apart and still having issues after, please make contact with us: