Start with wheel cleaning

Regular maintenance is always the most important thing when looking after your car. We recommend washing your car, coated or non-coated, once a week or fortnight.

Start the job by detailing your wheels, which if they have been professionally coated, will make our car care products work even better. Use Wheely Clean with its pH neutral formula per its directions, as it's safe for quality ceramic coatings. Always do one wheel at a time and leave the product on there for no more than one minute before pressure washing it off. If the wheels are really grimy and brake dust caked, it's a good idea to give them a quick brush with soft bristle brushes like our Flat Head and Little Chubby brushes, before rinsing them down.

A great next step is to use our Wet Dreams on the rims. Use it again as per the directions - literally spray it all around the still wet wheel and then pressure wash it off right after. This will put a nice sacrificial layer of compatible protection on the coating to help maintain it over the long term. Reapply every few weeks or as you feel it's needed.