Metal & Chrome polishing

Polishing the metal parts of the bike can really set it off at the end of a full detail.

For more oxidised or pitted metal and chrome, you may want to do a 2 step polish by using our Metal Polish first, to remove the larger and heavier marks, then finish off with Shiny Stuff, which is a finer metal polishing paste, to refine the finish and add that lovely shine.

First thing to do is clean the metal or chrome surfaces. We do this with Clean Detail. Clean Detail is an alcohol based cleaning spray, that will flash off and leave no residue. Spray 6-8 sprays of Clean Detail into a Dirty Deeds cloth, and wipe over the areas to be cleaned, then flip the cloth to a clean side and remove any remaining residue, or use a second clean and dry cloth.

For heavier chrome pitting, it can pay to use some 0000 steel wool first, to remove the worst of the pitting. Spray some Clean Detail into the steel wool to act as lubrication, then gently go over the pitting until it begins to smooth out. Wipe any excess Clean Detail off with a clean Dirty Deeds cloth.

If there is no heavy pitting, then use either our Metal Polish for harder metals, or Shiny Stuff for softer metals and chrome. If you're using it by hand, put a small dollop of Metal Polish or Shiny Stuff into a Dirty Deeds cloth, then gently work over the metal/chrome in a back and forward motion until you get the desired finish. Once you're happy, wipe off any excess product.

For the fastest and best results, use our Metal Polish and Shiny Stuff in conjunction with our Blue Balls and Quick Cone metal polishing tools. These tools connect to any standard drill and make the metal polishing process a quick and enjoyable one.

For a full break down on our metal polishing tools, including a detailed how-to video, see our guide here: