Metal Polishing

Polishing the metal parts of the bike can really set it off at the end of a full detail. The bike I detailed here didn't have any metal to polish, so I enlisted the help of Nathanael House at Perfection Automotive Detailing who is a bike detailing specialist, and he sent me these photos of a Harley Davidson he's recently detailed and polished with our Metal Polish.

These results were achieved with our new "Tru Blu" Metal Polish formula and a couple of Dirty Deeds cloths. Apply a small dollop of the metal polish to a clean, dry and folded Dirty Deeds cloth, then apply it to the surface and gently spread it around, then use a bit of elbow grease in a back and forth, up and down motion to clean the metal up. Once the area is polished to your satisfaction, wipe the area thoroughly with your second clean, dry and folded Dirty Deeds cloth. Now smile at your reflection :).