We always wax first on a freshly cleansed surface to bring out the depth in the paint. Spray 6-8 sprays of Lazy Wax into a clean and dry Drop Bear cloth folded in half. Apply to all areas you’ve cleansed (even other areas, including any plastics too, as Lazy Wax loves external plastics). Allow 10 seconds or so for the product to begin to flash off, then wipe off any remaining residue with a second clean and folded Drop Bear cloth.

Give the wax 3-4 hours to cure, then seal it with Fully Slick or After Glow. After Glow gets applied the same way as it does to dry the car - 1 damp cloth and 1 dry cloth. For Fully Slick, use it in the same manner as Lazy Wax - 6-8 sprays into a folded Drop Bear cloth, apply the product in a back and forth, then side to side motion for full coverage. Once it’s been applied, allow 5-10 seconds for the product to begin to flash off, then use a second clean and folded Drop Bear cloth to buff off any remaining residue.

For layering of products, allow 1 hour cure time for Fully Slick before applying another layer over the top of it, and allow 15 minutes for After Glow. There’s no real need to layer any more than 3 times as there is a point of diminishing returns.

A great one for bikes is our newly released Wet Dreams product. This is an instant bonding, super hydrophobic synthetic sealant that will add shine, slickness and protection for up to 2 months. Read below for more information: