Preparation spray + Protection

After using the Paint Cleanse & Restore, we need to use a panel prep spray to remove the cleaning oils, so that our protection product that we apply will bond better and last longer. We do this with Flash Prep. Flash Prep is a very easy to use and pleasant smelling panel wipe product that will remove polishing oils, silicones, old waxes etc and prepare the paint for our sealant here, which will be Beaut Beads, topped with Bead Machine. The reason we're using this combination, is because it's our most protective wax and sealant combination and it will last the longest on the paint and provide the best protection. Any of our other products would also be suitable to use - Wet Dreams and Happy Ending are our other super hydrophobic products in our line up, and will offer the best protection outside of Beaut Beads and Bead Machine. Lazy Wax, Carnauba Body Wax and Fully Slick are all suitable too, if you prefer using these products instead.

Spray a few sprays of Flash Prep directly onto the paint, then gently wipe it in, side to side, then use a separate cloth to wipe over and remove any remaining residue. 

Now it's time to apply Beaut Beads. Put the smaller foam applicator into the jar and get a small amount of the wax onto the applicator. Begin applying a thin layer to the paint, taking note to avoid getting the wax on any plastics or highly porous material. If you do get any wax on these types of material, a quick clean with some Orange Agent will remove any residue. Once all the areas are covered in wax that you want to cover, allow the wax 20-30 mins to bond to the surface, before removing it with a Drop Bear cloth. We found the Drop Bear is by far the nicest cloth to use for this job as it's super plush and thick.

After all of the wax has been wiped off, you need to let it cure for at least 4 hours before applying anything over the top. If you're unsure, you can even leave it until the next time you wash the bike (1-2 weeks), to ensure the wax is totally cured.

After the wax has cured, it's time to apply Bead Machine to protect the paint and the wax. Spray 4-6 sprays of Bead Machine into a folded, clean and dry Big Softie cloth, then massage it into the paint (it can be applied to chrome and other metal bits too), up and down, then back and forth. Then, grab a clean and dry Big Softie cloth and go over the section you just applied to, to remove any residue. For the next section, only apply 1-2 more sprays of Bead Machine, as the cloth is already primed with product - you don't want to saturate the cloth. If you notice any smearing or streaking, switch to fresh cloths.


For more info on our Beaut Beads paste wax, see our detailed guide here: