Seat / Exterior Vinyl & Plastics

If the seat on your bike is a vinyl finish like the one on this bike, then follow the steps below. Some seats are leather - if yours is leather, then use our Leather Love and Leather Guard.

With the seat cleaned during the washing process earlier, we just need to apply some Vinyl Revival to our seat here to help protect it. If your seat is still dirty, you can clean it here with some Sublime Clean and a brush like our Plush Brush. Be sure to rinse the seat thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before applying Vinyl Revival.

Simply spray some Vinyl Revival into a Square Bear applicator pad and apply liberally to the seat. Leave it to sit for 1 minute, then apply another layer of Vinyl Revival. Leave that to sit for another minute, then wipe off any excess product with a Plush Daddy cloth or similar.