Degrease, Wheels and Snow Job

Before you start any of this, have your pressure washer ready and hooked up to the Snow Blow Cannon, all ready to go. This is where we differ off from normal car detailing process slightly. Treat high grime/grease areas with Orange Agent and agitate with a brush like our Nuts and Guts brush. We do this to help loosen all the really caked on grime around the chain, sprocket and guard, and any other areas that are prone to heavy dirt and grime - work quickly; DO NOT LET IT DRY.

Now, just like the process when detailing a car, we want to do the wheels first. We do this with Wheely Clean, and then Snow Job over the top within 30 seconds. Spray Wheely Clean onto both wheels and gently agitate with the Nuts and Guts brush, and then within 30 seconds, hit the whole bike with the Snow Job, starting at the lower sections of the bike, and working your way to the top.

Leave the Snow Job to dwell and break down the dirt and grime for around 4-5 minutes, but don’t let it dry. After 4-5 minutes, pressure rinse the whole bike down, making sure to really get into those tight areas where you sprayed the Orange Agent and agitated with the brush.