Degrease, Wheels and Snow Job

Have your Wheels bucket setup and ready to go, with a capful of your favourite car wash in there (we're using Auto Body Gel here), and an assortment of brushes you'll need for cleaning the wheels - the Nuts & Guts brush is handy for this.

This is where we differ off from normal car detailing processes slightly. Treat high grime/grease areas first with Orange Agent and agitate with a brush like our Nuts and Guts brush. We do this to help loosen all the really caked on grime around the chain, sprocket and guard, and any other areas that are prone to heavy dirt and grime - work quickly; DO NOT LET IT DRY.

Now, just like the process when detailing a car, we want to do the wheels first, and we do this with Wheely Clean. Spray Wheely Clean onto one wheel at a time, and gently agitate with the Nuts & Guts brush. Once you're satisfied, rinse the wheel thoroughly before moving onto the next wheel and using the same process.

Once the wheels are done, you can move onto giving the bike a snow foam. You can use any of our snow foams here - if the bike is extra dirty, it can be helpful to use the Mega Snow Job. We're using Snow Job here because it's pH neutral and our bike wasn't overly dirty. Using The Frother for a job like this makes things a lot easier - mix up the Snow Job in The Frother at a 1:9 ratio, pump it up, then foam the entire bike (you may need to pump The Frother a couple times). Leave the foam to dwell for a couple minutes to break down the heavier dirt and grime, then hose or pressure wash it all off, starting at the top and working your way down.