What is vinyl revival?

This new product is an advanced water based protectant, custom formulated for exterior vinyl, rubber and plastics. It's pretty revolutionary as it's silicone and solvent free, but still weather proof, so it will not disappear in the first shower of rain or after a wash. It's not a paint or dye, so it won't leave annoying black run marks on your car afterwards, either. Due to the wonders of modern chemistry, it has fantastic longevity that once it has set overnight, it will protect for many months, with outstanding durability and protection from the harsh Australian environment. 

Being a water based product, it does not like to be applied on top of other older oils or silicone based dressings, so we made a great cleaner to use before it; SubLime Clean. It can easily clean and prepare the plastic or vinyl surfaces so the Vinyl Revival can work its best.